FMCG - Oil Recovery - Surfactants - Polymers - Lipids

Polymers, surfactants and lipids are widely used for various industrial, technological and domestic applications. Polymer-surfactant mixtures are used for enhanced oil-recovery, where polymers are used as thickeners. Polymers are regularly used for several applications like membrane for gas separation, additives for modification of different properties of complex fluids and so on. We at Prescience Insilico are qualified to investigate, design, predict properties of all these materials for different applications. We also use our own solution platform to address problems in these areas.


Ionic Liquids are a new class of purely ionic, salt-like materials that are liquid over a wide temperature range (300–400 °C) from the melting point to the decomposition temperature of these compounds. Tailor-made targeted materials are designed by introducing various structural motifs on the organic cations and anions. The scientists at Prescience Insilico Pvt. Ltd. can investigate custom made ionic liquids for targeted applications. We also provide solutions related to all types of solvents, solute-solvent and solvent mixtures and address problems like phase diagrams, vapor-liquid coexistence curves, density changes, heat of vaporization.


Finding a catalyst that can provide desired product with selectivity and yield is often the beginning of R&D in chemical industries. In all chemical industries ranging from refineries to pharmaceuticals over 90% of all chemical products have at least one catalytic step in their manufacturing process. With increasing need of more sustainable and environmental friendly way of developing catalysts, computational methods for modelling homogenous and heterogenous catalysts with optimal activity have become immensely popular these days. Prescience Insilico has the capability and tools to design catalysts for different chemical processes. Prescience can also provide meaningful insights about the mechanisms of these catalytic processes right from the atomic level.