Why Prescience

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Prescience Advantages


Fast and Quality Solutions

The applications and simulation modules are well tested and so, must deliver stable and problem-free operations. Prescience has been equipped with employees, who are trained in several national and international institutes and industries. They have gained expertise in a wide range of research areas and can provide high-quality support and resolve the problems quickly. Considering that our company has people from various research background they will provide customers with complete support in case of trouble.


Reliable Support

In addition to email and phone support, we offer "remote technical support" to resolve the issues faster. In remote technical support, the support personnel will assist the customer in troubleshooting via remote connection and resolve the issues on the spot. The support personnel in Prescience are expertise in troubleshooting and are trained in various well-reputed national and international institutions to provide quality services to the customer.


Reduce time-to-market by accelerating discovery

We have given high priority to the accelerated discovery, which is achieved through continuous effort in improving the existing methodologies and processes. We have accelerated the processes through automation of the many manual operations. This automation scales the performance of our platforms many times compared to individual operation modules. The applications are built based on the customer needs and they will be customized to address. This performance scaling achieved through the discovery also reduces the resources required to perform the simulation on the customer side. We employ flexible technology, where one can add different simulation modules to construct a process application. This flexibility in adding modules enables one to integrate different operations and translate the different frameworks into the desired application. This flexible technology also reduces the time to build an application and provides quick solution to the customer requirement. Our computation platforms are also equipped with advanced techniques to compare and visualize the simulation data.


Innovative and Efficient

Our applications are built using innovative techniques and these are computationally efficient. Integration of the different computational modules to from applications of customer interest is one of the innovative technologies which make the computational platform unique. The automation of many manual operations also makes this platform computationally less expensive and userfriendly. The effective and efficient drug design, material design platforms are some of the unique platforms that we have developed. Moreover, we have designed our software platform with flexible technology, where the customer desired process can be designed within a short time. This flexible technology avoids rewriting of the codes and makes the platform light and efficient. The visualizations and data analysis parts are made very easy to understand and presented them in a userfriendly GUI. This avoids postprocessing of the simulation data and provides the user summary of the results. The modules involved in applications are also built using machine learning and AI technologies, which makes the applications run efficiently.Apart from this, the data connector that we have developed is an effective solution to run High Throughput calculations in multiple resources, e.g., local workstations/ computers, high-performance computing and public cloud.

Prescience Expertise

  • Quantum Chemical Calculation

    Prescience Insilico Pvt. Ltd. have a team highly competent in the area of ab-initio quantum chemical methods and electronic structure theory. Our expertise ranges from post-Hartree Fock theories like Density Functional Theory to multi-reference methods like Complete Active Space SCF (CASSCF), Perturbation Theory and coupled cluster methods like Domain-Based Local Pair Natural Orbital CCSD(T). We are skilled in reactivity predictions and designing of both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts for use in large scale chemical industries. Prediction of mechanism of catalytic and chemical reactions involving bio-enzymes via transition state search, electronic structure analysis is an important expertise of our research team. We provide the service of predicting potential energy surfaces and insights into thermodynamic and kinetic aspects using quantum mechanical methods for both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic processes. Our team is skilled in carrying out conformational and spectroscopic analysis and evaluating binding energies of chemical entities on polymer and other solid material surfaces.

  • By its nature, multiscale modeling is highly interdisciplinary, with developments occurring independently across fields. A broad range of industrial problems involves multiple scales. Traditional monoscale approaches have proven to be inadequate, even with the largest supercomputers, because of the range of scales and the prohibitively large number of variables involved. Thus, there is a growing need to develop systematic modeling and simulation approaches for multiscale problems. Scientists at Prescience with background in chemical engineering, chemistry and physics are qualified to provide solutions to these problems.

  • PIPL would provide an App based solution in the field of Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics. We will provide the user an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered drug molecule predictor for target proteins, the functional biomolecules that are inhibited by biologically active drug molecules.It provides functionalities like similarity search, activity, physiochemical property prediction, synthetic feasibility score and synthetic route prediction. Generation of similar datasets from existing drug molecules for user designed artificial molecules is another functionality of our platform. Besides the bioinformatics module will provide multiple functionalities for processing target molecules (e.g. protein) structures. Starting from Adding missing residue, cleaning protein structures, adding several mutations it also provides the functionality of Homology modelling.

  • Data Science is becoming one of the most essential assets to perform and analyze simulation data, especially related to materials and drug development. Moreover, specifically for the domains of multivariate analysis, on-line fault detection, inferential sensors, batch data analytics, experimental design approaches, parameter estimation and model discrimination data science has been proved to outstand. Prescience has a very strong background to integrate data science & AI into systems with the sole purpose to improve overall performance without compromising results. Furthermore, we are dedicated to exploit this asset as much as possible to bring out fruitful outcomes which can be used to enhance and amplify the quality of simulations which would produce better results. We have qualified and experienced personnel's from this next age technology, to engineer and deploy robust as well as accurate systems to satisfy the needs and meet up the standards of the required by the industry.

  • Prescience insilico uses AI-powered techniques that produce new hits for drug designing and discovery. Once the targets and chemical compounds are identified, the platform uses high throughput molecular docking and simulations techniques to generate the best hits from the large pool of chemical compounds. Our unique structure-property module predicts these drug molecules' synthesis ability to enable the user to proceed with synthetic chemistry. In addition to working with pharmaceutical collaborators, the company pursues an internal drug discovery program in various diseases and disorders.

  • The paradigm of “one drug one target” has become outdated. At present, pharmaceutical companies face challenges as the data from the genomic, proteomic and metabolomics industries pile up. Here At prescience insilico, we simulate or model the data gathered from these events and available knowledge resources to facilitate drug discovery and development. Our unique bioinformatics module helps in protein structure refinement and modelling and simulation techniques.

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  • Prescience is equipped with highly trained and experienced professionals in both the scientific and software engineering community. Scientific software's has the sole purpose of replacing traditional ways to explore and find out new discoveries. In other words it is the digital revolution of the methodologies used for new developments and discoveries. These software's are aimed to be designed in such a manner that can be easily used by beginners as well as experts. Moreover, digitization of discovery methods reduces time spent exponentially as well as groups the individual steps into a more systematic pipeline format to increase integrity and efficiency of development. Such software plays an important role in critical decision making and to better understand or make predictions about real world scenarios. Part of the complexity in analyzing the data scientific software ecosystem comes from the way that different pieces of software are brought together and recombined into workflows and assembly parts as a one.